David grew up roaming the foothills of Boulder, Colorado. His mother, being an art teacher, influenced and inspired him to look for beauty in unexpected places. This creative eye carried him through his studio art studies at Whittier College in Los Angeles and ultimately brought him to UW-Madison for his Master of Fine Arts. Shortly after completing his MFA he relocated to Chicago to continue his creative life. Landing behind the lens of a camera for Picture-Day LLC was the turning point of his career. He quickly fell in love with still photography and seamlessly transitioned to commercial food photography, where David has earned a reputation among his colleagues for staying cool under pressure, keeping it fun on set and getting great results. With his background in studio art and art history, David brings artistic understanding and appreciation into the studio every day. “I love the technical aspect of shooting food, the shapes and patterns that present themselves through the lens. Food photography keeps me on my toes, where attention to detail, follow through, and collaboration are paramount in achieving a successful project.”


David shoots for national and international brands for print advertising, featured editorials, digital campaigns, and packaging. His clients include Kraft, ConAgra, McDonald’s, Barilla, Modelo, Starbucks, Tyson and Kellogg’s among others.


When David is out from behind the lens he enjoys biking, live music, and a hearty home cooked meal with friends and family.